Endangered charms

I decided I wanted to feature the feathered Emery dress, and before I knew it my av was dressed as a schoolgirl and skulking around Hentai High. It’s not the dress that sent me down this path. But it wasn’t my plan either. One item of not-quite-right clothing set off a chain of substitutions and my blog turned into a haven for delinquents. Delinquentesses?

I tried to shop at Slut like all the cool girls do, but I was so happy with the free New York Dolls t-shirt that I didn’t feel the need for anything skimpy and colourful.

There’s a 25L sale of selected items by Posh and Slutcookie at The Rumor. I am hypnotized by the tendrils in this hairdo, which comes in a pack of four colours for 25L. I’m getting a bit of a Jane Birkin vibe here, and I like it.

Credits to creators
Sticks wears
Emery, Dress Feathers (current TDRBlue)
Raw House, Evelyn Blood Rot (Depraved Spring Hunt gift)
Mother Goose’s, Courney LB
Mother Goose’s, Sienna/Suzanna shape (NEW)
Bukka, old leather bag dark brown
Niniko, Zipper Socks brown
Kookie, City Wedges icecream
Croire, gacha pose

Alma wears
pesca, flower printed skirt (NEW)
Slut, Doll Top Black (free)
Fleshtone, Open Knit Cotton Top Beige (NEW; ty Gisele and StevenZuh!)
Fleshtone, Open Knit Cotton Cropped Cardigan Beige (NEW; ty Gisele and StevenZuh!)
Mother Goose’s, Jeanne A 2b
Bumbershoot, Alma Shape
Posh, Bitter Hazelnut (on sale this week only)
Miamai, socks from Casja dress
artME, SummerRosePumps (NEW; ty Moonstone Eiren!)
Rotten Toe, Urban Bracelets (gg in store; 15L to join)
FNKY!, Cigarette II
Glitterati, Long Hair 1 pack


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