The fevered plastics that seal your body

Occasionally I scare myself. On this shoot, I tapped into something very sinister as Portia played captive cyborg at Necronom VI. In sexy catsuits and coordinating boots from gasp! Pixel Dolls. Who’da thunk those purveyors of elegant clothing would also offer a whole range of affordable space-fetish gear in a variety of colours? In this photo, Portia wears Pixel Dolls’ Aphelion in Graphite, which has nice woolen arm and collar sculpties. This outfit is perfect for those long cold nights of sleeping single in a double pod.

Now that I am receiving blogger packs via VFF and FiP, I worry quite a bit that designers will hate what I do with their clothes. In this case, I’ve made my model NSFW and manipulated the colour. It’s not that this outfit doesn’t look good in-world, especially on Glam Affair’s amazonian Sakura shape. It’s just that I wanted to imitate the washed-out colours on 1950s pulp magazines like Strange Strangeness and Amazing Doesn’t Even Begin to Cover It.

Think of it as a high-tech dental chair. And then think of the giant fish in the ginormous tank they’d need to soothe you as you wait. And then imagine that if something goes wrong during the procedure, they can just throw your unconscious body into the tank. (Blow this picture up to see the kinky x-ray on the far right.)

Credits to creators
Look lonesome
catsuit: Pixel Dolls, Elipse Graphite
matching boots: Pixel Dolls, Elipse Graphite
eyes: SSS, Vegas Lights Eyes
skin: My UglyDorothy, Luckyskin(BLacktears2)
tattoo: B[u]y Me, Twisted Cyber Tat (old hunt gift)
eye: Burning Chrome, Third Eye (no longer available)

Look long-limbed
catsuit: Pixel Dolls, Aphelion Graphite
matching boots: Pixel Dolls, Aphelion Graphite
skin: TheObscene, Beta/Z tone0 (old gg)
shape: Glam Affair, Sakura (recent TDR)
pacifier: Dark Dolls, Shut Up Pacifier (this was a donation item at either the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser or Project Fur Japan)

ty to Dolce Blacklace of Pixel Dolls!

all poses built into the furnishings at Necronom VI


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