Scrambled easter eggs

Do I believe in God, Christian or otherwise? No. Do I celebrate Easter? Yes. Do I dye eggs? Do I make even my cool friends dye eggs? Do I hide chocolate eggs? Do I make parents of small children wonder why their kids’ mouths are smeared in chocolate? Do I prefer solid to hollow? Do I eat the ears first? Yes! A hundred times yes.

Having rushed home from a weekend in the city, I had to scramble to get my Easter stuffies blogged. I threw together this look, which makes absolutely no sense. Unless there’s a war on Easter I don’t know about. I lurve Blue Blood’s boobeggs dress. What you aren’t seeing here is a cute pair of egg-decorated undies and matching stockings.

Don’t try this at home. [This helmet is not available. You might be able to pick up the egg-patterned ears at Philo.]

Fab.Pony’s cute Bebe babydoll outfit is only 49L through Tuesday April 26, with many pastel colours available in store and on the Marketplace in case you want to make your friends dye eggs in their PJs.

Credits to creators
Look one (pics 1 and 4)
PJs: Fab.Pony, Bebe Frilled ensemble Carnation (NEW; ty Tatianna!)
hair: booN, XFE275 hair purple (old TDR item)
skin: Dutch Touch, Amber v2 dark basic cla mo hb (high-res) (VIP gg only)
craft table: Art Dummy, to color eggs
nom, pic 1: Concrete Flowers, Easter Twig (colour change)
teef, pic 4: Mynerva, Bunny Teeth (from group gift; 50L join fee)
bunny, pic 4: LVS&Co, I’ll Keep You Safe Bunny (15L!)

Look two (pics 2 and 3)
dress: Blue Blood, Easter Gift 2011 (gg; join fee)
skin: Dutch Touch, Amber v2 Dark Peachy Lips CLB MO HB (high-res) (VIP gg only)
leggings: Grixdale, Funfetti Leggings Berry Good (free gift in store)
bunnies: ANA mations, Itsy & Bitsy
helmet: DECO, Easter War Bonnet (subo gift, no history, so not available)
ears: Philo, Silly Rabbit Easter Bunny Headband (gift)
peeps: Plastik, Bunnypeeps Head Lavender (Fantasy Faire cheapie)
lipstick, pic 2: Pididdle, Fameux Lip Shape Dye&Vinegar
blush, pic 3: Mynerva, Dotty Blush (from group gift; 50L join fee)
boots: Anexx, LaceupBoots Pink

poses: Glitterati, Model Pose Pack 151-160


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