All good things must come…

…to an end. It’s the last day for the Seasons Hunt, so if you want a chipmunk, a sprout pet, or enough beds to stage “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” you’d best get on your bike. Take a moment, however, to check out the new Peyton shape from Spearsong. She’s a petite cutie patootie with a long torso and a proportionately generous bustline. She also looks hot in a Mons skin, which is a huge plus for TDR Blue addicts.

Measure twice, cut once. Repeat if necessary. I confess that I have been using Area Search in Phoenix to speed up hunting. Don’t judge me. The chipmunk already gave me an earful.

Credits to creators
Not seasonal
shape: Spearsong, Peyton Shape (NEW)
skin: Mons, Jita Skin Series Blossom Lips with teeth (NEW at TDR Blue)
tattoo: Tattoo Art, Tattoo Flower II Tintable (NEW)
hair: artilleri, Sabina hair copper (50% off through May 1st)
camisole: Grixdale, ShoreLine Lace Olive (comes with pretty panties)
belt: Pepper, Snippet Belt (colour change)
jeans:, Tyra Jeans Cover My Furry Butt Edition (hunt gift, not sure if it’s still out)

Seasons Hunt items
jacket: Secret Store, Eglantine Spring Moss
glasses: epoque, Catlady Frames Perennial
cross prop: skin and bones, Holy Hooker
flower prop: Olive Juice, Spring Fling
chipmunk: sur+, spring chipmunk

Anything with a URL is a review item. Thank you creators!


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