Frida dark and light

The new Vinyl Cafe group gift is the Kahlo dress inspired by Ms. Frida, who has to be one of the world’s favourite artists (judging by the long lines that form outside museums exhibiting her work)(making it impossible to see other, less popular shows). Frida Kahlo lived a difficult life and frequently painted self-portraits that featured her extraordinary wardrobe and signs of great suffering. A man once sent me a postcard of Kahlo’s painting of herself as a wounded deer and wrote “This reminded me of you.” That was the end of that relationship. I don’t run around with bloody arrows sticking out of my flanks. They would clash with my floufy pink gingham sundress. (The arrows are symbolic, I know, but just barely. /me shakes a fist at all Surrealists)

Ahem. Doing Frida meant layers and flowers and birds, but once I had done up the Vinyl Cafe outfit, it felt much too dark. So I am also offering you a litebrite Frida wearing a decidedly yellow blouse, the current subo gift from Indie Rose. (You know I’m working hard for you when you see yellow. /me shudders)

If anyone is going to ride the Drama Llama, it’s Frida Kahlo.

Credits to creators
Look one
poufy dress: Vinyl Cafe, Kahlo Dress (gg in store)
long skirt: Blue Blood, Adele Black Skirt Gown (ty Ghanima Uriza!)
jacket: AMD, Whiskey Jacket – Straight Black [this jacket comes with a peplum and has the cutest hood evah] (ty AppleMay!)
shoes: LpD, Blush Satin Red shoes (ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
hair: booN, QPT129 hair black
corsage: AtomicBambi, Hair Corsage Manhattan Blush
red necklaces: Tokid, big spheres red necklace, droopy red necklace, spheres red necklace (all part of gg in store)
big necklace: glow studio, Fat Chain & Feathers
earrings: glow studio, Bitterness Earrings
bangles with gold: Primalot, Africa Colored Crocodile Bangles
skin: Atomic Skin, Faith Caramel Patriotic (old VIP gift)
makeup: La Malvada Mujer, Poppy & Benzoic #5 (Seasons Hunt gift, not available)
stockings: Frick, Belle Epoque Brass (not available)
prop: SS, Put a Bird on it Lamp (Seasons Hunt gift, not available)

Look two
jewels: Pepper, Candy set (NEW! Where is…Hunt gift)
blouse: Indie Rose, Cowled Silk Blouse (subo grouo gift)
undershirt: C’est la vie, Lovin Tunic(chamois) (gg in store)
skirt: fid, springskirt (Seasons Hunt gift, not available)
hat: Split Pea, Nobody Broke Your Heart Marigold Hat
hair: booN, QPT129 black
skin: Dutch Touch, Maan Cocoa Valentine (old gg)
lipstick: Cheap Makeup, Miss Priss Lipstick 9
shoes: Tokidoki, Gladiator Sandals brown
bag: Kao, Gamaguchi Bag / peacock feather
gold earrings and necklace: ET, Birds of a Feather (old hunt gift)
tippet: +*AA*+, Valentines Tippet B (old hunt gift; similar item available in store)
prop: Split Pea, Gardening at Night Flowerpot [modded] (Seasons Hunt gift, not available)

poses: pda, Germ Free Adolescents
set: Sn@tch, Dark Photo Box


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