She’s a lady

I took one look at Indie Rose’s Doris Silk Pantsuit and I was transported into the world of the 1930s movies I loved as a tween. It seemed an improbable look for Pleisure, however, since my models are so rarely classic. But I figured Portia could stand up straight for a good cause. The Doris Pantsuit is one of the items featured at Avenue Couture of Hope, a month-long fundraiser for Relay for Life. The hysteria over Culture Shock threatens to obscure this event, which I can report is wonderfully lag-free and couture-full. Here’s your taxi, driven by James Franco, who has decided to go among the people, as did Buddha in days of yore.

Portia’s jewellery comes with the Indie Rose pantsuit. Her Clawtooth hair is available in the current 50% off spring sale. Her Pink Fuel skin is just as nice as the ones I can’t get at Culture Shock. I hope that more designers put their wares in their stores.

Credits to creators
pantsuit: Indie Rose, Doris Silk Pantsuit (donation item)
hair: Clawtooth,The Seas Met Bewitching Reds pack
skin: Pink Fuel, Ember Honey Gossip Redbrow
shoes: [e], Move Pump Smoke
pose one: LAP, 26/365
pose two: LAP, from the Spring Alive pack (Seasons Hunt item, no longer available)


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