An unexpected inspiration

I only just discovered that Yula Finemsith’s Inspiration jewellery is limited to 50 copies of each item. Knowing just how shopaholicky we all are, I didn’t want to take a chance on the jewels selling out before I posted these pics, so Pleisure readers are getting a second snort today. It seems to me that Finesmith models are usually haute couture types, but I don’t really have any modelly models, so I present to you these exquisite creations on my usual ragamuffins. Stones wears the futuristic Inspiration Shena set, which allows you to change the colours of the metal and the gems.

Acute wears the Inspiration Rusalka set, which is more playful than the Shena set, but which could certainly accent an elegant black gown if you are inclined to take your av uptown. When putting these looks together, I was very happy to find faces for the group gift skin from Al Vulo and the Filthy hunt gift, because they really don’t suit my main avatar. Her cheeks lie somewhere east of where they ought to be, so she looks like a nutjob when she wears too much makeup. As anyone who has multiple shapes can attest, it’s painful when you discover that a new skin looks better on one of your chorus girls than it does on your leading lady. But the show, as they say, must go on.

Credits to creators
Look one
jewellery: Finesmith, Inspiration Shena set (NEW; ty Yula Finesmith!)
bathing suit: the obscene, Aden Snow (dollarbie box of swimsuits in store)
skin: Filthy, Kayla Pale Seductive (Where Is Hunt gift)
shape: model’s own
pose: Del May, Modavia #1 (old gift, but there’s a new one out at the Modavia gallery)

Look two
jewellery: Finesmith, Inspiration Rusalka set (NEW; ty Yula Finesmith!)
skin: al vulo, matilde bitter choco gift (gg in store)
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica shape (old hunt gift)
hair: Duboo, Disco Boom (old Themeory item, may not be available)
bodysuit: The Sea Hole, Vanoa Bodysuit Papaya
tights: Maitreya, Allure Tights Sienna
pose: dfo!, from the Come pack

set: Sn@tch, Dark Photo Box


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