Poor hippy (NSF fans of The Vamp. Diaries)

My plan for this post was to do a rich hippy look balanced with a poor hippy look. And then I lost my last two rl dollars in a soda machine. So today we’ll just pout and be poor. This groovy hat with hair is a subo gift from Kik. There are two hat sizes and an array of hair colours. I don’t recommend wearing the bigger hat when you are out and about. It creates a blind spot the size of the hole where Sunnydale used to be. (Yes, I’m poor and my pop-culture refs are outdated. Is it time to confess to the belly fat?) (I could have written “the size of the hole where Klaus’ heart used to be,” but Elijah let him keep his heart, which was probably on the small side anyways. Whoops, spoiler alert.)

I decided that I needed to get away from beige and went to play gacha at Albero. Yield: one pair of beige shorts and one beige skirt. It’s actually a lovely skirt by Vanitas Vesture. The elegant sculpties blend seamlessly into the pants, creating a genuinely relaxed look. Portia wears it with a new blouse by Le Poppycock and beads from the Bellies gacha at Albero. The double red strand is rare.

Credits to creators
skin: Jesylilo, Yummy LightskinJ6 (NEW ty Lilo Glom for the prettiness!)
blouse: Le Poppycock, La Blouse Beside the White Chickens [I have to admit that I’m not sure about that name] (NEW and only 49L; ty Juliette and Olivia!)
hair: kik, Madelyn-H(coffee) (NEW; subo gift)
skirt: Vanitas Vesture, Obsessive Skirt Camel (Albero gacha item)
necklaces: Bellies, Red Bead Necklace and Blue Lg. Bead Necklace (Albero gacha items)
bangles: Pacadi, Eyti Bangles (old gift)
tat: Silent Sparrow, Merricat Tattoos Rose
poses: Glitterati, from the Long Hair pack; my AO
Windlight pic one: [TOR] Verdancy
location: Peaceful Forest

What do you think?

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