I wear a sombrero now

It’s a sombrero. Try as I might, I could not resist the allure of LaGyo’s Sombrero in Silver Peony. You could get me into bed just by casually mentioning that Manet spent a pretty penny for the peonies he painted. I might even assume the missionary position if you have some in your garden. Beyond playing to my erotic fixation on peonies—which I imagine is universal—the sombrero seduces with its combo of peachy pink and black, its perfect shape, and that big black velvet bow in the front.

I wear a sombrero now. I had to find a worthy blouse and I think I hit paydirt with C’est la vie’s inexpensive new floral blouse with fabulous ruffled sleeves. Then I also hit command–8 too many times and the world got weird. Made the mussy hairdo look just right, however.

Sombreros are cool. Speaking of perfect shapes, the Dola corset in black is the exclusive gift for Dilly Dolls group members. (It can be bought in other colours if you are just regular folk.) The corset is not resizeable, but it comes with an alpha layer and I fit mine on Portia with just a touch of stretching. There is also a corset AO for sale because this piece is sculptural. It’s not for avs who bounce off walls or even for those who sneeze on occasion.

Credits to creators
Look one
sombrero: LaGyo, Suede Sombrero silver peony
blouse: C’est la vie, frill sleeve top floral pink
skin: Jesylilo, Yummy Lightskin J6
hair: fd, Rainy Day Nothingness
pants: Sn@tch, Comunity College Capris (these were part of an old swag bag)
bracelet: League, Wanderer Bracelet
shoes: mon tissu, Montsegur Pumps Black
poses: TeaSoup, My Acoustic F set (only 100L at the Depraved Dealers event)
locations: couverture and BP*

Look two
sombrero: LaGyo, Suede Sombrero silver peony
corset: Dilly Dolls, Dola Overbust Corset Black v1 (gg; 100L join fee)
skin: Jesylilo, Yummy Lightskin J6
makeup: La Malvada Mujer, part of the Persiguiendo el Dragon set
hair: [e], Novel Black 04
shorts: Prelude, part of Smoking Bordeaux (store is closed)
bracelets: Dark Mouse, Free Dove Bracelet (freebie from the Free Dove)
nails: Sn@tch, Nail Candy Onyx
pose: Olive Juice, Bloom 5 Marigolds (Albero gacha)
location: tableau


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