More love hours than can ever be repaid

My Mom loves me even when I act like a reject from a Mike Leigh film and she can’t understand what I’m saying because of my accent. (And I get grumpy when she needs me to switch on the subtitles for her.)

And I love my Mom even when she imitates all my coolest looks and I’m forced to distinguish myself by switching from the puffy coat to a duffel.

Happy mothers for everyone!

Credits to creators
tee: Gato, Dog Tee (NEW; today’s Lazy Sunday item)
shoes: Gato, Ice Cream Bootie
leggings: LG Femme, Bananas Leggings yellow
skin: My UglyDorothy, Anouk LB (NEW LB)
shape: Plastic Flowers, Jenica (old ZPH gift)
tat: v3 Tattoo, Ronin Faded (ty Kurt Vhargon)
glasses: duboo, i <3 u set (old Themeory item, may still be available)
socks: mocha, Long Covered Button Socks Leopard Red (gacha)
bag: nocc., gacha flower bag green (old gacha)
earrings: Primalot, Disco Earrings
hair: Hairy Situations, Boogie Nights Frappe (no longer available, not even on Marketplace)
necklace: Concrete Flowers, Nana Necklace (erm, some gorilla gave this to me)
poses: Glitterati, Disco Balls (old gift)
location: Blue Galaxy


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