A new item from couverture is like a rare and beautiful flower. This skirt is impeccably constructed and available in some remarkably subtle fabrics as well as white and the only true indigo I’ve seen in SL. I was so excited by it that I bought yellow things to coordinate. Yellow is seducing my eye with its unabashed radiance. There’s more in the Pleisure Flickr if you care to indulge.

There are new sandy blonde and silver hair tones available for all the hairstyles at 69. And right now these packs are only 50L. I haven’t seen many people blog the silver ones, so it may be my duty to buy some and show them to you, the people, who have a right to know. If you like this pure-white blouse you can have it for free because it’s a gift from Sn@tch at Culture Shock.

A word about Culture Shock. A complaint, rather. Some stores do not have donation items. This puzzles me and, I have to admit, turns me off their wares. I realize that not all creators are well-off enough to donate money, but shouldn’t they opt out of events like this if that’s the case? In an effort to avoid bankruptcy, I am only buying donation items. This skirt and the wonderful counter-culture tees by Fishy Strawberry are among my faves.

I’m about to leave the town I loathe for the big city. I haven’t got a new place yet, however, and part of me just wants to put my stuff in storage and go back to Canada for the summer. (If they stop me at the border I will chant defiantly, “No more pencils, no more books, no more students’ dirty looks.”) No wonder I’ve been breaking into people’s homes in SL and imagining where I’d plug in my computer.

Credits to creators
Stones wears
skirt: couverture, Volume Skirt Lily (NEW! other delicious fabrics available)
blouse: Kyoot, Sunday Girl Blossom (NEW! was a 50L Friday item)
bodysuit: Pig, Plain Olivia Daisy (50L sale)
hair: Action, Trudy.2 Naughty (NEW)
shape: model’s own
skin: Mynerva, Candy Floss Brown Brows Cleavage (store is closed)
slides: 2G, babouche white (freebie; comes in four other free colours)
bracelet: Primalot, Celine 2.0 (subo gift)
poses: Ribbon, from the new dollarbie pack; Glitterati, from the Long Hair pack
location: Picnic

Sticks wears
skirt: Fishy Strawberry, Wild Nature Skirt Brown (NEW! donation item at Culture Shock)
blouse: Sn@tch, part of Chicago mini dress (really lovely gift at Culture Shock)
vest: oyakin, fur vest pink (old hunt gift, but other colours are available in store)
hair: 69, Olivia 01 Dark Sandy Blonde (NEW shade of blonde: 50L for the pack; hurry)
skin: Pink Fuel, Elly Sugar Candied (NEW! donation item at Culture Shock)
eyeliner: Cheap Makeup, spring colours 1 (Seasons Hunt gift, nla)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Sienna/Suzanna
shoes: Sn@tch, Corky Clogs (NEW! donation item at Culture Shock)
necklace: Violet Voltaire, Doll Face Cameo Necklace Goth
earrings: Dark Mouse, Found Things Earrings
pose: Olive Juice (Seasons Hunt gift, nla)
location: node, I think


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