the post formerly known as Hubba hubba

Yep, I actually lost sleep over that title. /me shudders

Now that I’ve gotten that off my (sadly misshapen) chest, I want to celebrate the opening of Skin and Shape Expo 2011 with the look I like best: a combo of Exodi’s Sylvan skin and Savoir Faire’s Helena shape. The Exodi pack is a donation item, with 50% of the proceeds going to Direct Relief International. For $2,500, you get five makeups and five tattoo lipsticks, with skins in cleavage (shown in pic one), or plain (seen here), and with or without freckles. The Helena shape is cute without giving up stature. She’s not by any means the burliest shape at the Fair, but she’s no pixel pixie. Best of all, her smile would do the Mona Lisa proud.

These photos are not Photoshopped, so you do see the extra skin under the nose. If you like a skin you demo but the nose isn’t perfect, try lengthening your av’s head to make her face more three-dimensional.

The lipsticks are also sold separately from the skin, and there are demos, which is smart. The last thing anyone wants is bad lips. Unless you’re a band, in which case “Bad Lips” could be a good name for a sell-out single.

Helena’s earrings, which come with a necklace, and her eyes, which are part of a set, are Exodi’s expo gifts, available in their booth.

I have to admit that I feel a little bit guilty about not giving Portia first crack at these skins. And the shoe-shaped dent in my forehead suggests that my main model is not the forgiving type.

Credits to creators
shape: *Savoir Faire, Helena Savoir Faire at SASE
skin: Exodi, Sylvan Cafe S&SE pack (donation item) Exodi at SASE
pic one: Shadow 1 with cleavage and Rainbow Pink lipstick
pic two: Shadow 5 with freckles, no lipstick tat
pic three: Shadow 2 with freckles and Gothy 3 lipstick
pic four: Shadow 1 with Girlie 1 lipstick
pic five: Shadow 3 with freckles and Gothy 1 lipstick
pic six: Shadow 4 with Reddish 4 lipstick
earrings: Exodi, Dael Earring (gift at Expo)
eyes: Exodi, Felin Eyes Series Blue Lg (gift at Expo)
bikini: ay, Hipster white wet bikini (NEW)
shoes: SLink, Cassandra Mushroom
hair: Kin, Cricket Black
poses: pic one: *Apple Spice, from the Action Poses pack; the rest of the pics: *Apple Spice, from the Red Carpet pack
studio: Gauged, Photo Studio one
an asterisk denotes a review copy

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