10,010 views and a new pair of shoes

In real life, when I buy a pair of new shoes I wear them around the house even though I’m not planning on going out. I tell myself that I’m breaking them in. But actually I just like the thrill of catching sight of them as I cross my legs. If I had these new floral oxfords by LaGyo in real life, I would be wearing them right now, even though it’s sweltering hot here and I’m about to crawl off to bed. They’d be perfect for celebrating a major milestone: today my blog hit 10,000 views. I can now boast that I’ve disappointed thousands of people—all those who anticipated seeing something pornographic on a blog called Pleisure. I literally couldn’t have done it without all of you readers and creators. Thank you from the bottom of my new pixel shoes!

Credits to creators
pose: TeaSoup, Acoustic Guitar (recent subo gift)
shoes: LaGyo, Floral Oxford Shoes Blue (ty Gyorgyna Larnia!)
hair: Shag, Naked as we came cashmere
socks: Mother Goose’s, socks rainbow socks1 (NEW gg)
tat: Esuga, booboo knees and bandaids
skin: vive9, Vlada Base ivory lipstick 3 sweetpink (available at Skin and Shape Expo)
romper: Pig, Heather Goes Hunting Mint


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