Viva Vlada

The Skin and Shape Expo closes May 20th, and I’ve been remiss in my blogging duties. Last night I saved a passel of discarded kittens and put them to work keeping the generators going so I could shoot as much skin as the models would show. I particularly like Vive9’s new face, Vlada, which has wonderful wrinkly under-eyes that show up best on the matching shape. Alas, the food and the therapy sessions for the deleted kitties are costly, and I am prioritizing charity items, so a new shape was not in the offing. Perhaps I’ll tinker with Portia’s eyes later today and post a shot on the Pleisure Flickr.

For 850L, you get seven lipsticks with Vilada. There are four all-purpose shades and three (in fuchsia, purple and teal shades) that would suit fashion bloggers, scenesters, and goths. The lipsticks are drawn onto skins with eyebrows that match the skintone. If you want darker eyebrows on a pale skin, you have to add one of the tattoo layers included. If you are using a viewer that allows only one tattoo layer, you need to choose between having eyebrows and having eye makeup. Since I like a browless look, I was happy to add eye makeup from other brands. But some fashionistas freak out when they see mismatched hair and brows. I think they are stuck on naturalism, which is the opposite, if not the enemy, of fashion.

Who doesn’t love Pig’s lingerie? Apatia Hammerer has been running a 50L sale for about five days, so if you want to stock up you should go soon. Choosing from among all the lovely and unusual colours at Pig is always such a pleasure. The sale makes it possible to buy two faves instead of forcing yourself to narrow down to one.

Credits to creators
Look one
skin: vive9, Vlada Base ivory Lipstick 3 sweetpink (NEW at Skin and Shape Expo)
eyeliner: chelle, Eyeliner Icey Inner Eye Pink
hair: Shag, naked as we came cashmere
romper: Pig, Heather Goes Hunting Mint

Look two
skin: vive9, Vlada Base ivory Lipstick 6 puregloss (NEW at Skin and Shape Expo)
liner: Cheap Makeup, Cat Power
hair: Raw House, Willow Redux Black02 (current TFG)
onesie: Pig, Plain Olivia Bethesda
jewellery: Eclectica, from the Herbals Violet set

Look three
skin: vive9, Vlada Base ivory Lipstick 1 puregloss (NEW at Skin and Shape Expo)
makeup: *Alexxcessories, Cat Eyeliner and Lashes (from Shape it Up at the SASE)
hair: Anaphora, Bajka Bole
lingerie: Pig, Day Lilies Coral

poses: Izumiya, from the freebie packs upstairs
* denotes a review copy


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