These pictures are special. To you, dear reader, they probably just look yellow and raw. But to me they represent a photo session I enjoyed immensely. Sometimes fashion-blog photos are actually souvenirs. I knew when I styled this look that I admired the new LaGyo Peonies Headband, but I had no idea how much fun it would be as a compositional device. I rotated my camera around this baby for hours on location and in the studio. I recommend that you do try this at home! Without parental supervision. With episodes of Jackass and Sister Wendy playing in the background.

I was inspired to get Portia back into an &bean skin by the talented SL bloggers who pool their photos on Flickr. I am in awe of them and I love the contacting and favouriting and commenting and grouping and gallery-making options. Looking at the &bean pool reminded me that Keiko Morigi’s Old Bones skins are truly unique. The bridge of the nose makes everyone look slightly alien. In a good way.

I TPed to the &bean store and discovered it was missing, but instead of panicking, I decided to shoot on the sim, which is exceptionally beautiful. When I hit the London 2056 Windlight button, I got a sky that recalls Maxfield Parrish. Not bad for the flick of a switch. I couldn’t wait to slip on these new jeans by NuDolu. I’m picky about printed jeans, and these ones do it right by giving us big flowers in a deep red. For 80L you get long and bermuda-length versions.

This photo is significant because I rarely find an animated sit that doesn’t deform my av. This pose, in a tree stump by Olive Juice, was good enough that I resolved to use it after taking off the outrageously jagged edges. That meant losing my GIMP cherry. I was scared and excited. I quickly realized that once one starts fixing an image one could go on forever. Luckily (?), my hands shake, so I couldn’t keep at it.

Credits to creators
headdress: LaGyo Mademoiselle, Peonies Headband (NEW)
hair: Shag, Love is a Battlefield Kitten
skin: &bean, Old Bones IBLEWC3PO in the Fall Pale (fall Seasons Hunt gift)
eyeliner pic two: Cheap Makeup, Babs 8 (gacha at Albero)
shoes: SLink, Fae in Khaki Green (only at Shoe Fair, where the lag is not bad)
jeans: NuDoLu, La peau douce pantalon fleurs rouges (NEW)
top: Grixdale, Basic Halter Clover
pose pic two: Glitterati, from the Headshot 3 pack
pose pics one and three: marukin from the eobseon pack


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