Fresh out of the box

The adorable balloon-headed Bloom doll avatar is sweeping SL. I’m a fan (check the Pleisure Flickr). But I’m also a bit disturbed by it. I’m wondering if women like Bloom because they want to be dolls or because they want to play with dolls? If it’s the latter, is playing with dolls a rehearsal of mothering? An attempt to recapture childhood pleasures? If, instead, women just want to be dolls, WTF?

Dolls aren’t alive. They aren’t human. Do women want to be dolls to give up responsibility and agency? Or do they want to be dolls because dolls creep other people out and that’s enjoyable?

Do women spend time in the transformation pod because becoming a doll is a way of being born again? And of controlling that second birth? Or is it a form of downtime? Does it allow one to feel secure because there is no pressure to act? Is it like sleep, which gives us a respite from the decision-making that is human life?

Or are dolls still the prime symbol of female beauty? If so, why do we see beauty in an uncanny object instead of in people?

Credits to creators
dress: Peqe, Poppy Earth
bathing suit: croire, snakeskin swimsuit (at Culture Shock; ty Emily!)
skin with blonde hairbase: Glam Affair, Monica Light skin (Modavia gg, available at Modavia branch)
eyelashes: Lucky #7, liberty.stars.prim lashes (49L 100% donation item for the Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief fundraiser; ty Shortcake Sugarplum!)
lollipop hood: dg*, lollipop hood greenapple (gacha)
brown hair: [OH], Alex Chestnut Brown
jewellery: Finesmith, Flora’s shimmering dreams (ty Yula Finesmith!)
makeup pic 3: La Malvada Mujer, Free Asymmetry (former TFG item)
ring pic 3: Pepper, Pieces Ring (dollarbie)
poses pic two and three: Surf Co., come with Bloom Avi

What do you think?

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