Even Murderella needs downtime

The Skin and Shape Expo ends today, so this is your last chance to pick up one of Tacky Star’s donation items. Aura Falta is donating part of the proceeds from all of her dramatic Twisted Kabuki skins to Direct Relief International. After you’re done at the SASE, you could laze around for days and still have plenty of time to pick up Blue Blood’s sexy catsuit for the Dark Future hunt.

There would be lots of woodland creatures in this photo if Murderella hadn’t hogged the swing.

Credits to creators
skin: *Tacky Star, Twisted Kabuki After in China tone [comes with pale fleshtone version also] (donation item at SASE)
stitches: Damned, Blacklacet Lips
eyes: Mynerva, Elemental Eyes Plain (store is closed)
catsuit: Blue Blood, Murderella Lite Version (Dark Future Hunt item)
cuffs: *Legit, Leather Bracelets Rings (ty Misha Preiz!)
hair: 69, SMNB Light Silver
earrings: Glow Studio, Galaxy Clips (dollarbie)
collar: Plastik, Recluse Collar Black
nails: Sn@tch, Nail candy Toxic
bangle: Sn@tch, Mandala Bracelet (part of a swag bag from ???)

location: A.D.D. Andel

*indicates review copy


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