Spot the popular girl

Have you ever been the center of attention? The prettiest girl in the bar? The woman who wears extravagant outfits like they’re comfy jeans? The one who threw over the most interesting man in the world because his brand is an inferior brew?

At the arnadi treehouse bar, friends and strangers declare that they can’t decide who is more adorable, Portia or the sleepy duckling on her shoulder. And it’s not even her birthday.

Have you ever been all but invisible? Stuck in some dumb tiki bar with your workmates while the cool people drink at arnadi’s? Alone even though you’re relatively attractive and reasonably chic? Pining for a man who is even remotely interesting (but unable to drink because a half of a pint gives you a hangover)?

Regretting like crazy buying the fu*k-me pumps that aren’t getting you anything but blisters?

Credits to creators
Portia wears
dress: LpD, don’t forget me dress rose [also comes in white and pale blue] (NEW! ty Nevery!)
hair: Shag, Love is a Battlefield Fever [really loving this hair right now!]
skin: PF, Elly Sugar Gloom redbrow/freck (at Culture Shock)
shoes: Miamai, Deco Miranda Decollete Shoes (NEW VIP gg)
socks: NuDoLu, Chausettes du printemps fleur pk (LB)
duck: ANA, Running Duckling (recent SBS item)
pose pic one: my valet neglected to write it down

Sticks wears
dress: pesca, retro onepiece light green (NEW LB; also available to buy)
shoes: Flax Pye, Ibiza Ice Cream (NEW! Ice Cream Hunt gift)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Trudy III (NEW LB)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Sienna/Suzanna
hair: [e], Early Red 05
earrings: Perturb/ation, Money, Money (AF2010 hunt gift)
poses: marukin, from the pipedreams and yeojasesang packs


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