Uh oh, bandeaux!

It was a photo in JoJoRuno’s Flickr that first alerted me to the sex appeal of a bandeau top. A loose bandeau like this one by Severed Garden is an invitation to explore what’s underneath. Most sexy blouses invite an exploration from above, as it were, positioning the valley of the cleavage as the point of entry into the “landscape.” Shifting erogenous zones is fashion’s prime directive. When designers loosen up the bandeau they eroticize the hidden underside of the breasts, and the weight of them, rather than the cleavage and visible profile. It’s a classic example of fashion at work.

This complete Tala outfit is available for 99L at Severed Garden, but today is the last day, and then it will never be sold in black again. It comes with sculpt feet in three skin shades and includes the headband and the bird on Loica’s shoulder. There are also pan pipes that can be strapped to the right thigh and/or held as a prop. It’s a nice alternative to a strap-on weapon. Unfortunately, I was too fixated on Loica’s fantastic bewbs and tummy to hand her the pipes. For that I apologize.

The designers clustered around the Cupcakes store are holding their 50L Sunday bake sales again. I picked up these cool Epic jeans last week. They are a pre-release of jeans that come complete with hooves, so that you don’t have to fiddle with a bunch of sculpties to wear denim when you gambol around the forest. The bandeau, also by Epic, is a bit diabolical. The strap handles invite you to tug, but any babe who’s strutting around in this kind of outfit is likely to smack you if you try. I can just imagine the confusion those straps would cause in a crowded subway car…. And now you can imagine it too, thanks to the miracle of blogging.

I’m impressed by many of LouLou & Co.’s recent releases, like this elegant Asahi necklace and earrings, which are sold separately. And I blame Magika as much as the hot faun bloggers who wear Magika for my flirtation with hooves and horns. I especially like the hair styles that come with extensions so that they can be worn long or super-long, depending on how wild you want your av to look.

Credits to creators
Look one
outfit: Severed Garden, Tala Black (only available through Saturday May 21)
skin: Glam Affair, Jadis Dark Gold A (former TDR item)
hair: Magika, Sonia Hair bw pack
pose: dfo, from the bowties pack

Look two
bandeau: Epic, Pull Me! Tube top Black
jeans: Epic, Sho-Low Faun Baggy Bell Bottoms Vintage
undies: DeeTalez, minimini panties cherry (part of Where Is hunt gift)
necklace and earrings: LouLou & Co, Asahi
cuffs: Legit, Leather Bracelets Rings
skin: Imabee, With Love from Brendan Papp (old hunt gift)
tat: HUZ, oriental tattoo
hair: Magika, Sonia Hair bw pack
horns: Lark, Gilded Horns from the Silence outfit (nla)
poses: Baffle, from the No Time to Lose set (donation item at Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief event)


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