Out of the past

Neferia Abel makes wonderful dresses in black and blue for Ivalde. But her best dresses come in closely related alternatives like midnight or the beautiful steel blue of the recently released Elnera gown. I was able to buy the gown for half price because Ivalde discounts new creations for the first 24 hours. Sign up for the subo group so that you receive the release notices. If Stones is looking particularly graceful in today’s post, it’s because I dipped into Apple Spice’s pack of Gowns poses. These poses do so much more than just keep your av’s hands out of her skirt.

AMD released the Teegan skin in makeups with subtly juicy lipsticks, which are also sold separately. I tried out the peachy skintone rather than stay safe with the pale look I usually prefer. I am kookoo for red hair right now, and this ‘do called Grable is not only one of the best retro coifs on the grid, it’s also free, like every other hairdo at Vignette. (Hmm, I’m being unusually informative today. The meds must be working.)

I have been playing around in GIMP, so you will probably see pigs fly in an upcoming post. For now, I just offer you an artsy shot of Stones’ back, where you can glimpse the black ribbons that adorn the clasp of Dark Mouse’s new Belle Epoque necklace.

Credits to creators
gown: Ivalde, Elnera Steel Blue (NEW)
skin: AMD, Teegan from the Peachy Naturals pack (NEW; ty Apple May)
necklace: Dark Mouse, Belle Epoque Collar Necklace (NEW)
earrings: Eclectica, Deco Knot Earrings (NEW; ty Tiffy Vella)
fur: Eclectica, Feral Foxfur grey less (ty Tiffy Vella)
hair: Vignette, Grable Burnt Orange (free)
ring: Love Soul, Ring Bear Black (LB)
poses: Apple Spice, from the Gowns poses pack (ty Apple Spice)

location: Innsmouth


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