Quality shmality

This is how your avi reacts when you tell her you plan to shoot till your pics of the G Field group gift are better than everyone else’s. The other day I decided to go out on a limb and choose some of the many blog links I’ve collected for a new Pleisure Favours category. Generally speaking, I’m against playing favourites if the criterion is “quality.” After all, in the absence of shadows and Photoshopping, my work is never going to win in that category, so I’d be a fool to pay lip service to it. (Some of us is workin with pleathuh, yo. Y’all can keep da leathuh.) Overall, my standards seem to be much lower than most: I see cool sh*t where most people see only jagged little pixels. So the sites that I include in the Pleisure Favours section aren’t going to be there because of quality but because of style. And envy. If I wish even for a second that I had your style, you’re going to get favoured.

This is how your avi reacts when you tell her there’s enough light to do one more setup. Let’s talk about costs. I was grateful when Grazia Horowitz did the math and acknowledged that she couldn’t blog without review copies. I was also glad to know that I am not the only one too scared to look at how much I’ve spent on this hobby. Somehow, I got off my budget leash, and while I struggle to get back on it, I notice that the one thing that still curbs my spending is overpriced items. Again, it’s not a question of quality but of style. If I can get stylish hair for 100L why would I pay 350L? And, not surprisingly, it’s also a matter of envy. If I do pay too much for something it’s probably because everyone else has it and I can’t stand being left out. Unfortunately, that leaves me following fashion instead of erm ahahahaha. I was going to say leading it. But I’ve always been the girl who is about 6 days ahead of the mass dissemination of a trend. When that’s not the case, you can bet I’m in the sale room at Anthropologie feeling sympathetic to the unwearable items that no one bought.

Credits to creators
tee: Fishy Strawberry, Revolutionary Tee Beige
blouse and skirt: G Field, Puff-sleeve tops and Maxi Skirt Yellow (NEW subo gift)
jacket: BP*, Denim Jacket Indigo
hair: Discord Designs aka dDx, Robyn Milk Chocolate (gift in store, contains four colours)
skin: Dutch Touch, Amber v2 Dark Basic CLB MO (this was a VIP only tone)
belt: Pepper, Snippet Belt TFG
shades: Glow Studio, Beachwood Glasses Gold
bangles: Paris Metro, part of Santorini Sun (recent subo gift)
pose pic one: dfo!, from the Come pack
pose pic two: Baffle!, No Time to Lose #1 (Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief donation item)

loation: Red Desert


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