Possibly Bloom

I have shot a number of outfits on my Bloom avatar but none of them felt right. It’s as though I can’t “find” her, can’t discover her character. Am I just plain out of touch with girly cuteness? Has something inside of me died? Emma Gilmour’s Bloom avatars for Surf Couture come with two body types, and I can’t even decide which one is more Bloomy. Here, pint-sized Bloom models a nautical look, which I always find irresistible despite the fact that I am neither a sailor nor a preppy. The top and the socks are from the Albero gacha festival, and the hair is a gift to members of Action’s VIP hair group, which costs a mere 250L to join.

Dressing Bloom is tricky. It doesn’t work to take this doll and dress her like a domme. (Believe me, I’ve tried.) The best Bloom photos exploit some kind of incongruity, but not one as broad as a little girl dressed in latex. I have to say that, thus far, no one has depicted Bloom in a setting that looks like her natural habitat. She’s not quite a fairy-tale creature like Thumbelina, but she’s also not an ordinary girl.

For me, Bloom is Blythe, the doll from the early 70s, which I did not like because of the head/body disconnect. (I was uptight as a kid. I may still be a kid.) I don’t like my Bloom av in outfits that depart from Blythe’s wardrobe, which was mostly very long dresses with ethnic motifs. (Don’t surf off to buy a Blythe doll on eBay: the original doll and her outfits are the most expensive of the 1960s/70s toys.)

The best Bloom/Blythe outfit I’ve come up with looks good on the tall Bloom body. I built it around this Lucky Board dress by 1mm, which has mini and maxi skirts. It’s also available for sale in other pastel colours. If Bloom were a Torontonian circa 1973, she’d be wearing Roots’ “negative heel” shoe, but she’s just as happy to be wearing Tokidoki’s Gladiator Sandals. If Bloom has a fro it’s because she’s Jewish, not Jamaican.

I’ll tell you a little secret. It was the 50L Friday Miel jewellery that made this outfit really work for me. Not just because it is ideal hippie wear, but because I was able to program the necklace to spell out my current mental state: desperate. (That, as they say, is a long story.)

Credits to creators
Look one
avatar: Surf Co., Boo Bloom
hair: Action, Isabella Beach babe (NEW; 250 hair group member gift; 250L join fee)
shorts: Ingenue, Gabey Shorts Nautica (NEW)
top: Willow, Striped Tank Pink Stripes (Albero gacha)
socks: fri., Alie.Socks Baby (Albero gacha)
shoes: TBC, Rocking Horse Shoe White [modded]
blue bag: Kue, Summer 2011 gift (subo gift)
scarf: Storin, Nautical Stole blue
pink bag: ?????, Lab Pup & Bag
poses: croire, from the Crazy Bag Lady pack
location: Lula

Look two
dress: !imm***, Romanticdress purple (LB)
avatar: Surf Co., Boo Bloom
bracelet: Miel, Friendo Bracelet (today’s 50L Friday)
necklace: Miel, Friendo Necklace (today’s 50L Friday)
leggings: This is a Fawn, Knit Leggings ivory floral (today’s 50L Friday)
shoes: Tokidoki, Gladiator Sandals brown
hair: BP*, Bug Bomb Hair
glasses: Adjunct, Marrakesh Glasses Gold
tat: TH, Free Bitch
poses: Olive Juice, Blooms 5 Marigolds and In Bloom 6 purple
location: Inis Caiseal

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