Winning—with your help

Alright fashionistas, I need your discerning eyes. I am finally entering the contest sponsored by The Dressing Room with this outfit concocted of four hot items from the new TDR Blue collection: an Emery gradient dress, Glow Studio shoes and glasses, and Exile’s Selma hair. How can I lose with the reliable-sounding Selma on my side? I need your advice about the picture I submit. I personally like a model posed against a white background, but I can see how that would not impress the judges.

Is this too much background, not enough fashionable young thing?

Is this one too uptight? (For the love of pizza, someone please tell me how I make the image 600×700. Do I really have to sacrifice composition to fit the virtual picture frame?)

For those of you who are still reading, here’s a hot tip: this skin by Grixdale is available in three tones at 75L each but only for today’s Super Bargain Saturday. There’s another deeply discounted skin in the same tones but with softer eye makeup set out for this weekend’s Project Themeory. I love this photo, btw, because I can call it “Boobs and Broods.” Do the judges have a sense of humour?

Credits to creators
bag: Fleshtone, The Sky Satchel (NEW; ty StevenZ and Gisele!)
dress: Emery, Dress Gradient 05 (NEW; TDR Blue)
hair: Exile, Selma Brown Mix (TDR Blue)
skin: Grixdale, Ren Sugar Clover Br (SBS item!)
glasses: Glow Studio, Retro Animal Glasses (TDR Blue)
shoes: Glow Studio, Sweet Thing in Brown (TDR Blue)
socks: Maitreya, Moxie overknee socks tawny
jewels: League, Wanderer jewellery
poses: Glitterati, from pack 151-160
location: itutu cafe


3 thoughts on “Winning—with your help

  1. Hey there,

    How are you? Cute post!

    Your pics are very very large. However the program has automatically cut down the size to fit and has done a good job. You can also change the dimensions of the picture you take in SL by changing the numbers on the Snapshot function and you can resize the picture in your graphics program as well.

    I suggest you join a group such as Builders Brewery in Second Life and there are experts who will likely be able to help you more indiviually!

    Good luck and – these are great pics!

    Leonie Szczepanski

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