Cupcake—the rebake

The Cupcake sim has been transformed into a French town. There are many exciting things for American tourists to do there. In the morning, you can scurry out of the way of crazed motorists. You’ll look cute doing it in dollarbie flats and a 50L skirt by tomoto. But that won’t slow down the drivers.

In the late afternoon, you can wait out the rain for an hour or three. Don’t let your 50L duboo market bag get wet; those things are full of holes. Your Lazy Sunday special Eglantine jacket from The Secret Store will keep you warm (unless you forget to adjust the prim skirt and saucily expose your 75L Grixdale tummy to the elements…and the locals).

Credits to creators
flats: tomoto, CupcakeOpen gift shoes (NEW; dollarbie)
skirt: tomoto, petite princesse dot (NEW)
bag: duboo, Cupcake Bag (NEW)
jacket: Secret Store, Eglantine Charcoal [modded with an alternate lapel flower] (today’s Lazy Sunday item)
bra: Gizza, part of Leather Outfit gg
hair: Action, Linda Nut (May 2011 gg; join fee)
skin: Grixdale, Ren Sugar Clover Br (today’s Lazy Sunday item)
shape: Mother Goose’s, sienna/suzanna
poses: agp, old gg
location: Cupcake


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