Take on the world…with style

As female city-dwellers, we often find ourselves in tense situations. But that’s no reason to get kitted out in leather and spend a fortune on x-ray spex.

It’s true that the apocalyptic look is intimidating. And there’s something delicious about the sound of a fresh dagger thwacking my leather-mini-skirted hip as I stride through the subway a good two hours before my competitors have risen from their beds. The fools! I will crush them all! Eep! No, no, that would be wrong. And unfeminine.

In this day and age, an ambitious woman doesn’t need to unsex herself—or lose any beauty sleep—in order to get ahead. The luscious hair and swishy skirt of an assured femininity are more advantageous than protective armour. That said, using two guns just makes more sense than one, especially if a gal is trying to get tenure by 35.

The subway platform is no high-fashion runway, but Miss J’s tips for a fierce walk are even more important here. If you do run into trouble, a high heel is always preferable to a flat one, since it makes a stronger impression on any commuter’s forehead.

Stay strong, my friends.

Credits to creators
skin: Glam Affair, Layla Grey (current TDR)
tat: YaYo, Anatomy Tat

Look leathery
outfit: Evil Bunneh, Apocalyptic Annie Leather Outfit (Dark Future Hunt gift)
makeup: Alexxcessories, Cyborg Makeup
tat: [TH], Free Bitch tattoo (dollarbie in store)
gut tape: Sinistyle, Taped Guts
boots: amaama, boot 001 (not available right now, although box is still in the store)
necklace: Kunstkammer, Glamazon Necklace bronze (old hunt gift)
guns: Olive Juce, from the Gamer Con pack
poses: pics one and five, Apple Spice, from the Action poses pack; pic two, Olive Juice, from the Alice in Wonderland pack
ty Ms. Spice!

Look silky
dress: The Sea Hole, Elysian Bat Dress Stone (NEW; this weekend’s Project Themeory, in six colours)
boots: Mentine, Tight Knee Boots 4Cream Suede
bracelet: Primalot, Keera wf3.0 bracelet B1 lfa (NEW subo gift)
hair: lamb, Heart Honeycomb Roots (subo gift)
lipstick: Cheap Makeup, Spring Colours Lipstick 3 (old Seasons Hunt gift)
poses: Olive Juice, from the Gamer Con pack

location: The Death


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