Feeling free

There are two types of people in the world. There are the ones who “love” hot weather because it’s an excuse to wear a bright sundress and a new hat and stand out in a field, where they kvetch about the sun. “I swear I didn’t burn this way when I was younger. The sun must be closer to the earth.” (I actually said that once. Or twice.) Portia’s sunhat is from Studio Sidhe: it contains five poses, as well as an off switch in case you don’t want to flaunt your chapeau. The skin is one I keep coming back to: Trudy III from Mother Goose’s Lucky Board. I usually favour MG’s more adult-looking skins (which have a more defined nose), but this one makes Portia look awful purty.

The second type of people “love” hot weather because it’s an excuse to arrive even earlier, wearing even less, at the neighbourhood dive bar. I hesitate to confess that I love the denim clogs, but I do. (Call me granola. Better—serve me granola.) Pelleteria Morrissey has many freebies in store, and some knockoff Dr. Scholl’s that the 70s want back. JK! I wore those orthopedic classics back in the day, when the tops of my feet never burned, no matter how exposed they were. Unlike now, when they fry up like trotters in a saucepan.

The gal you see here is named March, and she’s a new shape from Juxtapose. She has a sensuous mouth, slim arms, and a generous chest.

For Edward Hopper fans only.

Credits to creators
Portia wears
hat: Studio Sidhe, Spring Days Straw Hat (NEW; Ohmystars hunt item, 10L)
hair: Vive9, Wang Damned (NEW; pick up a free pack of Wang in the new dye tones at the shop)
dress: Remy, Citrus Dress (gift)
skin: Trudy III (LB)
lipstick: ag, bitten lipstain sugar plum yum
armlets: Primalot, Once in India (old subo gift)
ring: Primalot, Glam Rock ring (old subo gift)
shoes: Pelleteria Morrissey, Denim Clog Sandals (freebie)
pose two: Glitterati, from the Long Hair pack
location: Frippery store in Ode

March wears
hair: Action, Isabella (250 member gg; 250L join fee)
shape: Juxtapose, FHM March Shape (NEW; ty Rain Laval!)
skin: al vulo, Elena Inuit (NEW gg)
dress: pesca, cotton long one piece blue (NEW; gg)
shoes: Pelleteria Morrissey, Denim Clog Sandals (freebie)
bag: Pelleteria Morrissey, Ischia Bag (freebie)
shades: Reek, Marrekech Glasses
jewels: Miel, Friendo Necklace and Bracelet sold separately (NEW)
poses: Juxtapose, from the Stronger pack (ty Rain Laval!)
location: Inaka


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