Fiep comes home

Fiep, Luus, Roos and Keet are the new faces at Dutch Touch. Each of the four skin tones is also brand new. I went with cash in hand to buy one bareface skin and a matching pack of lipsticks. When I demoed the skins, I discovered that three of the faces are fresh and dewy, and the fourth, Keet, is more mature-looking. I like a young look, and Fiep in the dark olive tone hit the spot. Just like a cafe con leche on a promising summer morning in Barcelona.

This is Fiep without any makeup. I admit to camming her real hard to savor all the details of the face. I especially like the white flesh under the eyes. You can buy Fiep with Iki Ikarus’ signature intense eye makeups, but for that you have to be a member of her VIP group. If you don’t want to join, you can buy the makeup versions of Luus or Roos. I couldn’t tell the difference between these faces and Fiep’s, except for slightly different lip shades. Of course, each skin is matched with a distinct shape, and it’s the shapes that make the faces truly individual.

The lipstick tattoo pack contains fuchsias, pinks, reds, and nudes, one of which you see here. I admit to liking only the reds. But I am getting picky in my old SLage, and a lot of lipsticks are looking garish these days. I fear fuchsia fiercely.

Credits to creators
skin: Dutch Touch, Fiep Darkolive Basic (bareface) (the pack contains tattoos for eyebrows, lashes and kohl, and teeth, as well as pubic hair)
lipsticks: Dutch Touch, Fiep Lipsticks
hair one: LeLutka, Rykiel Overcooked
hair two: Vive 9, Wang Damned
blouse: Vanitas Vesture, Vanitas Vesture, Wonderland, Enigma Tunic Swamp

These photos have not been post-processed, except for removing stray hairs on Portia’s forehead in shot three.


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