Paris changes you

It’s your first morning in Paris, and you are up with the birds. As you cast a glance back at your cute hotel—where you occupy a sweet room sous les toits—you swear that no one will recognize you when you return that evening. Your mission is to cast off your girlish clothes and conservative style. You will shop Paris until you have transformed yourself into a chic continental beauty.

Fourteen hours later, you wearily climb the formerly picturesque hill up to your hotel, where an unbearably hot and stuffy cubbyhole fitted with an uncomfortable cot awaits you. You had your hair done, but the driving rain did it in. You bought fashion-forward heels that are more like hells. And you suspect that you are allergic to the metal in your avant-garde jewellery.

Worst of all, you’re determined to try again tomorrow. Because you are an American tourist. Fashion notes: This is not how I imagined wearing Sn@tch’s pretty Patrona ensemble when I bought it, but I enjoy telling a story, so I went with it. In addition to the white blouse and skirt, the pack contains corsets in pale pink, peach, aqua, blue, purple, gold, and ivory. There’s a dark Patrona too, for those of you who loathe the light. The floral corsage Portia wears in picture three is a 7L hunt item by Bliensen + Maitai at their Oh My Stars location. Her platform shoes are a subo gift from Pixel Mode, and are not available for people who weren’t already registered before the weekend. I have to say that Tya Fallingbridge is one of my favourite shoe designers. The skin shades in the HUD are sophisticated, and it is easy to use. The look and proportions of the Fae heels are perfection. And her Baby Ts have saved many a dodgy outfit.

Credits to creators
outfit: Sn@tch, Patrona
Picture one
hair: lamb, i’m a realist butterfinger
skin: Mons, Jita Skin series Blossom lips with teeth
shoes: fri., Basic Flats white (freebie)
purse: Vinyl Cafe, Dominion Purse Pink Tartan (old gift)
pose: Olive Juice, Fall Frills pack
Pictures two and three
hair: lamb, Isolation butterfinger (NEW)
shoes: Pixel Mode, Fae Wedges Pink White Plaid (subo gift, not available)
skin: Mons, Jita Skin Exclusive for TDR Blue
dark circles tat: Exile, Insomnia (old gift)
corsage: Bliensen + MaiTai, Mayflower Shoulderpiece (7L May Flowers hunt item; you are looking for a raindrop)
jewels: LaGyo, Shield Rings and Shield Bracelet
tat: nestle my bosom, tiny dancer
pose: dfo, luxey pack

location: Cupcake sim

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