Sand, sea, and sun in a dress

The ZombiePopcorn Hunt took me to Pichi, where I happened upon this 50L lovely. The Silk Tunic in Blossom conjured up the image of pure blue water and a pristine beach shimmering under a generous sun, and I found myself longing for the feel of wet sand drying between my toes. I imagined my av wearing this dress on her last day at work before a (European-socialist-style) long summer holiday at the beach.

Yesterday I bought a couple of things by accident. Those hunt gifts hidden right behind vendors require much concentration if you don’t want to bring home a cheap singing mackerel or a costly knockoff of one of Hedwig’s Angry Inch costumes. I was chuffed when I discovered that the V.Redrose shape I mistook for the demo is mighty cute. And only 50L! And mod! You can see more of Affy in a bikini on the Pleisure Flickr, where you will also get a look at the body of Mother Goose’s gorgeous new dollarbie skin, Hena III. I was going to write Hena III: This Time it’s Personal, but given that some Americans seem to be taking articles in The Onion at face value, I think it’s best to eliminate even obvious humour. Y’know, just until the American education system improves.

Credits to creators
dress: Pichi, Silk Tunic Blossom Turquoise (50L as part of the Taste of Italia promo)
shape: V.Redrose, Affy Shape
skin: Mother Goose’s, Hena III (B)1L (NEW dollarbie)
hair: Clawtooth, Unicorn Hugs Dreamy Red
tote: HouseofFox, WeekenderToteBlue (resizable; full range of colours now available)
necklace: !BF!, Promo Vintage Beach Necklace
shoes: SLink, Tiger Heels Blueberry (the green toes are my fault…shoulda relogged)
pose: Juxtapose, part of the Still Breathing pack (ty Rain Laval!)

location: Sternberg-Fischerhafen U-Bahn station


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