Social studies

Waitresses I have feared loved known. Steampunk in a hippie college town. Enthusiastic server of tea. (Poss. ironic.)

Thanks to Shortcake Sugarplum for sending me the cool colour-block eye makeup! It’s like a Mondrian for your eyes, a Mondrian with spunky speckles. Be sure to join the Little Crown group if you decide you want this LoveSoul teapot and cup from the Black Butler hunt. You will be able to download the LMs and the official hints, and then ask the group for help when Area Search fails at LoveSoul. Btw, the Black Butler Hunt is also being called the Bitter Rabbit Hunt because of the labels on the gifts.

Credits to creators
eye makeup: Lucky #7, Kawaii.fruit.2.0 eye makeup tattoo
skin: Atomic, Lien skin db Ivory VIP (VIP gg; join fee)
tat: Collisions, Starry Night (NEW; ty Guenevere DeCuir!)
shape: V.Redrose, Affy (50L)
teapot and cup: Love Soul, Teapot and teacup (Black Butler Hunt gift)
pantaloons and socks: 1mm, part of Smile Outfit (Black Butler Hunt gift)
pumps: lassitude & ennui, nostalgia pumps (Black Butler Hunt gift)
top: JEM, part of OHGirl (LB outfit with a v. cute skirt)
undershirt: Sassy, part of Shredded Dress (Midnight Mania)
hair: kik, hair shinobu brown hat (available only in special fat pack)
bow tie: Sim-i-lar, Bowtie Choker (gift in store)
poses: my AO
location: ITUTU cafe


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