Wind from the east

There’s ethnic dressing and there’s ethnic dressing. Borrowing looks from the east sometimes yields a wholesome layered look like the one Portia models here. NuDoLu’s pretty Robe Asiatique comes in several shades, including yellow and rose, but I chose the beige because I like the contrast of the plain sackclothy cloth with the pretty embroidery. Did I mention NuDoLu’s clothing is as affordable as it is distnctive? The brown suede skirt underneath is one of a pair on sale for a limited time for 50L at MichaMi. The other colour in the pack is black, and I’m sure SL fashionistas will manage to work that into their wardrobes somehow.

If sunburnt faces looked YS & YS good in real life I wouldn’t have to hide from that big ball o’ fire in the sky.

As I said, there’s ethnic dressing and there’s ethnic dressing. Borrowing looks from the east can also yield a most unwholesome look, like the one modelled by stretch Portia, who sports the latest TFG offering from Zenith. To emphasize the hotness of this dress, I finally pulled out the Capucine heels by N-Core. Hooker shoes turn me off, but this pair is so daintily adorable that I splurged. Then I couldn’t imagine finding something slutty enough to wear with them, but it turns out sexy works just fine. And yes, I deliberately refrained from slimming Portia’s hips to compensate for system skirt poundage. For one thing, the big shoulders on the dress balance out the hips. And for another, imperfect proportions can be as beautiful as they are natural.

Heather Beebe made my day when she sent me the latest Rockberry skin line, Apple. Apple has a polished look, with many subtle eye makeups and lip colours, but for Portia’s closeup I decided to hit you with the most dramatic skin. Don’t look too closely or you’ll get lost in the glorious details of the luscious lips. If you don’t have multiple tat layers, you’ll like this skin, because each makeup comes with a variety of brow (and cleavage) options in skin form instead of in tattoo form.

Credits to creators
Look like you eat designer granola
dress: NuDoLu, Robe des fleurs asiatiques
skirt: MichaMi, Suede Skirt Brown
shoes: R.icielli, Oxford II Grape (current TDR)
skin: YS & YS, Penelope Skin Sunburn with TanLine (current TDR)
earrings: AMD, Dream Catcher Earrings (gg; ty Apple May!)
collar: glow studio, etno collar with blue feather
Finesmith, Bracelets colored (subo gift)
hair: lamb, isolation twix
bag: HouseofFox, RomanBag Bubble Gum (old gift)
leggings: This is a Fawn, Knit Leggings Ivory Floral 1
socks: Miel, Jane Socks Mono Dark pack
tat: Para Designs, Loyalty (ZPH item)
poses: marukin, from the sunrise pack; Glitterati, from the Model pack 181-190 (ty Katey C.!)

Look like you eat men
skin closeup: Rockberry, Apple C/Light/Blk/Clv (ty Heather Beebe!)
skin long shot: Rockberry, Apple J/Light/Blk/Clv (ty Heather Beebe!)
dress: Zenith, Malaysia2(TFG#10)
shoes: N-Core Caprice Noir Intense
hair: LoQ, Iced Coffee Black
poses: agp, photo shoot poses (old gg); Glitterati, from the Model pack 181-190 (ty Katey C.!)

location: Vintage Village

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