Sadsack sashay

Sticks is looking so blue, and yet I personally have two things to celebrate. I finally found a cuter-than-cute apartment in erm Gotham City. (Sometimes I protect my secret identity.) I am at last getting out of rural college-town hell. And, hey, if it turns out I can’t learn to drive to commute to my job in hell, I will just marry well. I’ve heard that Gotham is full of successful industrialists and men-about-town, AKA professor-bait.

The sale is over at The Sea Hole, but that’s no reason to not swim over and buy a plaid bolero. (I know that I am pushing peach at you again, but isn’t this better than my beige phase?) The sale is still on at Zaara this weekend. It’s 50% off everything, and I walked out with the Trishna skirts I don’t already own and lycra bike shorts. Self-deny much? I sent myself back with a lot of lindens and a note to the manager saying that I was not to leave the store until I was penniless.

I figured that a girl who wears one hat during the day could get gussied up by wearing two. It’s simple math. And I’m simpleminded. This A&M dress is a killer, and it’s only 75L during this week’s TOSL event. There’s a gorgeous ruffle for the neck, which I left off because I am an uptight minimalist (with no hope of landing a successful industrialist). The gown comes with the belt and hoop earrings.

I am also celebrating today because my look/photo won the TDR Stylish contest. The key to winning is being the only person to enter. I’d like to thank all the people who supported me by finding better things to do last week. I have to hurry off to take a photo of my pic in the shop. Before someone scribbles a Chanel logo on it.

Credits to creators
skin: Mother Goose’s, Jamil II(B) LB
shape: Mother Goose’s, Sienna/Suzanna
hair: [OH], Ann Orange
necklace: Miel, Pez Necklace
shoes: (fd), Buckle Heel Clam (socks modded)
poses: PDA, Nothing Hurts and Germ Free Adolescents packs

Day hipster
jacket: Sea Hole, Prairie Plaid Bolero Jacket Peach Pie
singlet: fri., Rhapsody Tunic Pale.September
shorts: Zaara, Tara Lycra Shorts Gold
belt: Fleshtone, Python Rope Belt Gold (ty!)
gloss: chelle, lipgloss Icing Lip Stain 2
socks: Jane, Grouplove socks (old gg)

Night Hipster
dress: A&M, Wild&Chic Outfit LongDress (TOSL item, 75L; ty!)
hat: MIU, kettyhat (old freebie may still be available; colour change)

Thanks to Blaise Gendevon for mentioning the sad hipster lifestyle. I embrace it. It scowls at me.


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