Braids ‘n’ blues

I have overcome my aversion to blue thanks to the creators and bloggers of SL. This eye-popping jacket and sexy skirt are 15L items in R.icielli’s Valentine’s Day hunt, which ain’t hardly a hunt since the hearts are huge. There’s also a poster in the courtyard showing you what’s available in each numbered heart, so you can pick and choose.

I tried on a lot of braided hair at Discord and finally chose this “male” style Devon because I wanted a tough minimalist look with very little hair hanging in back or over the face. No concessions me. The skins in this post are only 50L each at Bare Sensual, and I love the way they look on V.Redrose’s Affy shape.

I am sorry to report that tea soup is closing her eponymous shop after June 17th. So if you want what Ms. soup’s got—at a discount, no less—you must go now. I have a lot of tea soup’s poses, partly because she participated in many of the weekly sales events, and that made them as affordable as they were appealing. When she released her Acoustic set, I found myself wanting to strap a guitar on my av for every photo. (And I am so not the type to strum and sing U2’s One. I am the type to smash the guitar of the U2 fan. Because it’s a valuable lesson for him. And the world.) Best of all, there are male as well as female versions of many of tea soup’s prop poses.

Credits to creators
Look one
skin: Bare Sensual, Jackie 1 (50L; ty Gigi and Rowan!)
shape: V.Redrose, Affy (50L)
shoes: BRB, tabitabi white (gacha)
skirt: R.icielli, Ana minislirt chrome (hunt item 3)
jacket: R.iciellli, Misseiling Jacket marin (hunt item 11)
underneath: Vanitas Vesture, part of Quixotic Dress Ocean
hair: dDx, Devon Coffee Brown
earrings: Mandala, Kabuki Earrings Silver
poses: tea soup, Loss of Innocence pack

Look two
snake, no plane: tea soup, My pet snake (old gg, but also a set available in store)
skin: Bare Sensual, Daylight 1 (50L; ty Gigi and Rowan!)
lashes: Cheap Makeup, Lashes Babs 8
shape: V.Redrose, Affy (50L)
dress: Vanitas Vesture, Quixotic Party Dress Ocean
hair: vive9, Wang in Hickery
boots: vive9, Rita Boot in Silver Sparkle
cuffs: Prim & Pixel Paradise, part of the amazing Cleopatra outfit (ty Mairead Fitzgerald!)

photo 3: The snake was GIMPed (to hide the rat it was still digesting). ;)

This post is dedicated to elka, who hit the BRB gacha hard to get the tabi boots she wanted.

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