Suit myself

I was in H&M when I noticed just how many items of clothing resemble creations I own in SL. “RL shopping is just like SL,” I thought to myself. And then I realized that I must be completely out of touch with the real world if it’s starting to resemble SL. The fact is that I have been living in a cornfield in a part of America that should just be abandoned on account of how boring it is. And when I do get to a city, I feel little need to shop for clothing. No one cares what I look like. It’s only in SL that my appearance matters, and only because I became a fashion blogger. Yesterday, I felt a slackening in the force of SL fashion, and instead of panicking at having nothing to blog, I decided to pick up a bunch of things I like but can’t imagine wearing. A pistolero from LouLou & Co., “chobits”-style ears, last season’s little black dress. I enjoyed suiting myself, and I decided to do up my avatar in a look that is fashion-conscious but not newsworthy. I hope to do more of these posts.

I reshaped Portia’s face to better fit the &bean skin I wanted to wear. But I didn’t beauty her out, because it has to be okay for her to be imperfect. Deciding I could have whatever I wanted, I also gave my girl bigger boobs but refused to take all the rear out of her end. I dyed Scribble’s dark-grey strings black so that they more closely resembled the Martin Margiela string necklace that so impressed (and aroused) me in the 1990s. I chose the [e] hair because I love the way that short bangs still distinguish the alterna-girl from the rest of them. And I put on those shoes. In RL, I enjoy having one pair of insanely sexy shoes, and the N-core Caprice are Portia’s. Unlike her, I never wear mine. At least not outside the boudoir. The stiff BRB pose is an admission that I am uptight, and Portia is also. And we don’t feel like being anything else right now. This is us.

Credits to creators
dress: Nylon Outfitters, Ruffly Wrap Dress Black (comes with white undershirt and tights)
hat: Vita’s Boudoir, Poppy Hat (NEW! poppies are one of my favourite things in the world)
earrings: Mandala, Kabuki Earrings Silver (Princess Me demanded them and Lackey Me found them discounted on the Marketplace)
strings: Scribble, String Theory Black
shoes: N-Core, Caprice Noir Intense (if you look closely you can see the toenail that leapt out of its socket to hover gleefully below Portia’s knee)
hair: [e], Glory Black 07
skin: &bean, Old Bones Burning Stake freckles (not available)
lips: Glam Affair, Nina Lipstick tattoo 02
my fave eyes: Glam Affair, Stella eyes no 04
my fave brow: Slutcookie, Sad
pose: BRB, boyish 09

(Macs can haz shadows!)


2 thoughts on “Suit myself

  1. Love this post :-)
    I had exactly the same feeling when I was in a shoe store last week – looking at shoes I already owned in SL…
    I hope you do more of this: ” I enjoyed suiting myself, and I decided to do up my avatar in a look that is fashion-conscious but not newsworthy. I hope to do more of these posts.”

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