Mint romp

I’ve always been fascinated by women who wear boots in the summer. Especially cowboy boots with bare legs and short, full skirts. If I went to Montana would everyone be dressed this way? Or is this combo the choice of a certain type of urban art student or dancer? I do know that, if I’ve worn them so long that I’d feel naked without them, I am loath to give up the clomping romping stomping power of a pair of big clacking boots. But one May day of feet-sweats would be enough to get me out of the boots and into my sandals. As far as this look is concerned, I have to admit that the pretty dress by u.f.o was unfairly sacrificed to my concept. Once I’d travestied it with the boots, I figured a giant cowboy hat couldn’t make things that much worse. And then a gift-grubbing TP to SL8B revealed to me the perfect summer setting for this bizarro look: picture mutant fruits and macaroons haloed by the changing lights of a carnival midway. (Love Sanu and A.D.D. Andel’s garden. Despise the rest, which gave me flashbacks of long lines for roller coasters and barfing cotton candy.)

Grixdale creator Tyr Rosenblum is selling off all the makeups in her Emery line for 75L each or 400L for the fat pack of each skin tone. I liked the unusual lipstick of Heaven in the Paper tone, which is a bit too pale for bloggage. The mint tone will likely satisfy those of you who want to look a little less like an ailing waif.

Credits to creators
dress: u.f.o, ralla sweety mint choco (current TFG)
underneath: Pig, Lazy Sweater Smint (not available)
necklace: Favole, Sacred (100L donation item at Accessory Fair)
skin: Grixdale, Emery Paper Heaven Day Frex (75L)
freckles pic one: Plastik, Ataciara makeup freckle face heavy [these are white]
hair pic one: DrLife, healthy Hair Siyu All Color (colour change; subo gift)
hair pic two: [e], Again Red 05
hat: Chantkare, sun hate [sic] femme 2011 (from the spring cleaning bag, which may no longer be available)
boots: Surf Couture, Elsa Boots Original
tights: Doux Petit Dahl, Crochet Tights Beige
bag: marukin, myshibuyabag dottie.cream (old)
poses: dfo!

GIMPage: saturated the colour in both pics, to varying degrees, of course; killed some trees in pic one


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