A haul and a half

For the past three weeks I’ve been taking care of my depressed mother. The morning after I arrived back home, I took a double dose of my own medication and ended up in emergency. This is going to cost me an arm and a leg in addition to the blood and urine they already took. If I hadn’t been on my own I might have avoided the expense, but when you find yourself nodding off alone at 7AM, you figure that someone should take a look at you and make sure it’s not going to be permanent. Today I planned only to be alive, and to drink a giant espresso, so it’s with some surprise that I present to you shots of a whole whack of things I barely recall acquiring over the last twelve hours. Good thing I’m not doing RL shopping in this condition.

Two Japanese events kicked off today, the Randomuseum, which is a gacha fest with a twist, and the Summer Festa 2011 at Sounds Gravis Beach mall. There are lots of freebies at SGB—like this turquoise hat by Maknie and striped shirt by Pivaaca—but in order to get the freebies you must first join the SGB group and also wear a ticket that you get for free from a machine on site. (I don git it. But I also don ask kestions.) You have to be close to the freebies to get them, btw. There are also discounted items that you can only purchase if you are wearing the group tag and special ticket.

The Randomuseum is chock full of great gachas, and as a twist, these machines randomly distribute special cards instead of the item you think you are paying for! These cards can be redeemed for special items that unlucky folks can’t have no matter how much they beg or pay. A “Normal” card allows you to get the special item from the same designer whose gacha you played. A “Multi” card allows you to get the special item from any creator at the Randomuseum. I won a Normal card from Rebel Rebel and got these cool black versions of RebelRebel’s gacha shoes.

Oyakin had me hitting the gacha hard, not for a special prize card, but for the gacha dressses themselves, which feature charming Liberty prints. Each dress comes with a knee-length and an ankle-length skirt. This hair by Mikan is a devilishly complex cut. There’s also an updo and a short bob available. Price per hair play is 30L.

This sexy/sweet black lace blouse with an asymmetric hem is a new creation from Y&R, and it’s also available in white. I’ve been impressed with their recent offerings, and I’m looking forward to seeing more. At the Randomuseum, the most expensive item I bought is the KAO shoes, at 100L. I said what I always say when I take a flyer on gacha shoes: “As long as they’re not teal, I’ll like them.” Guess what? I got what I always get from shoe gachas, a variation on teal. I need to start saying something else. All told, I spent only 538L at both events, so I can afford another coffee tomorrow.

Summer Festa 2011


Credits to creators
Black hatter
hat: dg*, mountain hat natural blk (Randomuseum)
hair: eha, Jean Light brown
skin: Mother Goose’s, Gemma II SGB Summer Festa 2011 (30L at Summer Festa)
blouse: Y&R, Lace Blouse black (NEW; ty Ruru Brentley!)
pants: C’est la vie, Lace Pants ivory (free at Summer Festa)
shoes: KAO, ankle-strap shoes turquoise (Randomuseum)
Blue hatter
hat: Maknie, Summer vacation hat (free at Summer Festa)
hair: Clawtooth, French Connection Dreamy Red (today’s FLF)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Horang 1L (NEW dollarbie)
shape: Mother Goose’s, Sienna/Suzanna
shirt: Pivaaca, Striped Shirt Pink (free at Summer Festa)
pants: NuDoLu, Pantalon Marine short for Help Japan (not available)
nom: Illusory, Dessert Bunny Confetti Fun
Purple hatter
hat: tram, anchor cap 10 (Randomuseum)
hair: mikan, Zoe Honey (Randomuseum)
necklace: AA, Flashy Necklace (Randomuseum)
dress: oyakin, liberty onp(orange (Randomuseum)
shoes: Rude Rebel, Ladys sandal flower & ribbon black (Randomuseum special item)
Hatless girl
hair: mikan, Zoe Honey (Randomuseum)
dress: oyakin, liberty onp(romantic (Randomuseum)
skin: Dutch Touch, Mensje Rose Basic CL3 Nobrows Fr

poses: DP, from the Yukata pack; and a freebie Kimono AO

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