I waited for ages to win this yukata by Salire. People thought I was dating the LB. (It’s now spreading nasty rumours about my sexual preferences.) There are two lovely pink versions available to buy for a mere 50L, but I just had to have the blue one. I won it, wore it, and styled my av to suit it, and then I went to the Summer Festa 2011 at Sounds Gravis Beach and could not stop myself from throwing freebies on top of it. Then I fiddled with shadows and depth of field. And I decided to stalk my av’s AO, which momentarily shifts the little poppet into amusing poses that are almost impossible to catch on film. Try to see beyond my caprices and my shadow-newb sh*t to appreciate the beauty of the yukata itself. It’s just possible that all the crazy stuff I did was the result of inspiration.

Credits to creators
yukata: salire, yukata LB (comes with geta)
skin: Dutch Touch, Mensje Rose Basic CL3 Nobrows Fr
eye makeup: Bang! Bang!, StarBright (NEW gg)
scarf: Nerd.P, 2011 Scarf Ribbon type Blue
hat: Sleepy Eddy, Straw Hat
hair: Wildo, K1/013
poses: Kimono AO (freebie, source unknown)

This one’s a thank you to doremi luv who featured the Wildo hair and put Pleisure on her blogroll. Good taste and unthinkable actions = a winning combination.

What do you think?

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