How successful is the average RL outfit? I typically spend all summer looking for the perfect bag, which means that lately I’ve been carrying my fave black bag even though I’m otherwise dressed in navy and putty. Let’s face it, after a long week at the office, no one can put herself together perfectly on the weekend.

Sarurday, for shopping uptown, you wear your new feather t-shirt and short jacket by C’est Moi. So far so good. But all your black pants are shmutzed with coffee and danish remains. You try to justify wearing the jeans with the pink patch-pocket by throwing on a coordinating pink bracelet. If all else fails, you’ll distract passersby with your flashy bamboo purse and matching espadrilles.

Sunday, for futzing around Japantown, you are out of attractive clean underwear so you wear your loosest pants and hope no one notices you’ve gone commando. You try to offset the slovenliness with a smart jacket, but you know that the blisters from your plastic sandals will have you limping and cursing in no time. You have to wear them, however, because they’re the only thing you bought—the only thing you could afford—when you went shopping uptown.

Monday morning, you wake in a small storage space and imagine for a moment that you are in a Neal Stephenson novel. But you’re not, and holiday Monday is next week. Looking down, you see eight bandaids on your feet and nothing else. If only you’d overcome your vanity and worn those scratchy granny pants that are always relegated to the back of your dresser drawer. That, and not worn a boob-grabbing t-shirt to a bar.

Credits to creators
Stones wears
blazer: C’est moi, My Short Jacket (NEW; as you can see, it can be worn with a plain rolled-up cuff or a cuff showing the lining) (ty Marcantonio B.!)
tee: C’est moi, Somanyfeathers white 2 (NEW; ty Marcantonio B.!)
accessories: Duh!, Bamboo Espadrille Flat and Summer Breeze Bamboo Purse (Summer Breeze hunt gift)
trousers: W&B, Drew Trousers Faded (50L F, still available)
bangle: HPMD, Bangle color A (Randomuseum gacha item)
skin: al vulo, bitu paradise bird bronze (GSP item)
tat: Daisuki Tattoo, Indian Ladys (SGB Summer Festa 2011 freebie)
hair: lamb, isolation snickers (Joy Division rules ok)
poses: Juxtapose, from the Urbz pack (ty Rain Laval!)
location: Cupcake

Portia wears
skin: Perception, summer sun (June gg three; fee to join) (ty Mattie Ray!)
tat: Daisuki Tattoo, Indian Ladys (SGB Summer Festa 2011 freebie)
trousers: Ohmai, Jersey Harem Pants Yacht Club (NEW; dollarbie pack of three at SWITCH location)
tee: COCO, Hand print tee (NEW gg)
blazer: MEB, Rive Droite Jacket (gift at Mimi’s Choice only)
sandals: Rude Rebel, Sandal Strawberry Flower (Randomuseum gacha item)
hair: kik, Nina dirty blonde
ring: Primalot, Glam Rock Queen two fingers ring (old gg)
pose one: Juxtapose, from the Independently Wealthy pack (NEW; ty Rain Laval!)
location: Inaka

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