The owl and the glamourpuss

Mac users can now have shadows by using the new Development Viewer. But can they have the right shadows? Can they have the shadows they want? According to my research, no, no they can’t. I can get shadows that make everything look like hell or shadows that do nothing to enhance a photo. So I’ve taken to playing with depth of field.

The fab coral earrings are Pididdle’s gift for the Geekgasm hunt. The summery makeup is Pididdle’s new dollarbie at Kozmetika. The lovely skin is one of the new Ren makeups by Grixdale, with the signature lush lashes.

Cast shadows elude me completely unless I plunge my model into a Windlight setting like Blizzard. Which looks all wrong for owls.

Credits to creators
skin: Grixdale, Ren Aqua BL Mint Cleavage Frex
makeup: Pididdle Cosmetics, Forever Fresh Poppy Seed
earrings: Pididdle, Coral Earrings Snapper Pure Pearl
hair: [e], Early Brown 08
hat: BP*, mountain hat natural (Randomuseum)
dress: oyakin, Liberty onp pink (Randomuseum)
bangles: je suis, magnifique bangles reds
shoes: Reek, Ikat Swell Sneaks
pose: Lauria, You Owl My Heart


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