Cancel out the misery

Having tried all the makeups for Pink Fuel’s new Elly skin, I chose the one I liked best, Goldilux. (On a budget innit.) I was uber stoked to discover that in addition to the gajillionicious lipstick tattoos, the 900L pack includes a second awesome makeup called Misery. Today’s pic is the official unretouched shot of Misery in Milk. (The line of the arm and the neckline I monkeyed with. There were some adventures with iWarp that made me iWeep and retreat.) Milk is not the palest skin tone available in the new Elly line, so my fellow sunophobics may rejoice with an ironic “Rah.”

Credits to creators
skin: Pink Fuel, Elly Milk Misery rdbrow and, in the same pack, Elly Milk Juicy Glosses Nectarine
hair: [e], Novel Red 08
corsageseses: tomoto, wa corsage E, A, and D (Randomuseum. Don’t be surprised if a complete stranger suddenly gives you flowers. That’s gacha.)
necklace: HPMD, necklace house-green (Randomuseum gacha madness. See more of it on the Pleisure Flickr)
blouse: Ingenue, Penelope Sherbert


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