Destroy the mystery

I’m throwing out old clothes. It amazes me that I flashed all that cleavage in my Nor.-Cal. grad-school days and never dated. Was it my brain and personality that cancelled out the fashion signals? Or was it the modesty of the cleavage? Milky white flesh shot through with faint blue veins, the natural shape aesthetically perfect but not sexual. Not in the land where the minimum requirement is C-cup-sized breasts wrangled into shape with complex engineering. I have never liked lying about my tits. You can quote me on that.

In RL, once I got out of my goth face, I never wore makeup other than the occasional lipstick and mascara. I don’t trust RL women who wear a lot of makeup because it seems like a declaration of insincerity. But I’ve never been close enough friends with a made-up woman to find out what motivates her. It could be about pleisure. Doing a smokey gold eye in RL might be as much fun as sporting one in SL.

A message for all two of my straight male readers: Don’t bother telling me that small-breasted women are more sensual or that confident women don’t wear makeup. Since porn went mainstream, you boys are better acquainted with pube waxing than most girls. You love my mind but still wish I had an airstrip? /me hits the eject button (and you aren’t wearing a working chute, luv)

Credits to creators
skin: [PF], Elly Milk Goldilux dkbrow and, in the same pack, Elly C/M/H Glam Lipstick Smoked Plum
kimono: tomoto, powapowa (Okay, I was thrilled to win this at Randomuseum, which may not be evil. It only cost me 6 corsages. I have an extra E if anyone is in need.)
shoes: BRB, tabitabi white (gacha at BRB)
hair: Love Soul, Hair 069 black
earrings: LaGyo, Ruby cascade earrings (ty G. Larnia!)
ring: LaGyo, Florie chien ring
poses: DPyumyum, Yukata pack
location: Inaka


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