Welcome to the jungle

Today I move to the city, leaving behind forever the blighted cornfield of husk-people that has made me miserable for four years. I say a cautious “about f*cking time.” (I don’t want to jinx it.)

Stones’ outfit is ripped from this week’s headlines. Anyone who has been to the Randomuseum or picked up the Al Vulo gg—on the eighth try—will recognize the goods, which are very, very good. I will not be looking this trendy for days to come. Moving means wearing the torn cutoffs and stinky CBGBs tee that invariably attract the notice of twelve-year-old boys. (My “fan base,” as one fellow professor quipped.) But once the last box is rassled into submission, I will treat myself to a trip to Anthropologie, which is on my main drag. Walking, in the city, past coffee shops that don’t run out of coffee, to Anthro. Heaven.

It feels as though I’m wearing someone else’s skin in this shape, which resembles its creator Annalesca Ashbourne. She is petite and has muscled thighs, so I call her The Shorty who’s Sporty. In homage to Annalesca A., I bondaged her up a bit with Red Mint’s recent group gift collar.

Touch my grapes, bish.

Credits to creators
Look one
blouse: TheCloset, Drop Embroidery Cami Midnight (Randomuseum gacha; instructions already blogged)
gauchos: RunoRuno, Crochet work
shoes: Roly-Poly, Deco Blue (SGB Festa freebie; instructions already blogged)
socks: 3*S, Asymetrical Socks sweet rose (gacha at Alexohol sim for TOSL birthday)
necklace: HPMD, necklace harmonica rainbow (Randomuseum gacha; instructions already blogged)
hair: Shag, Earth Girls are Easy Ginger
hat: C’est la vie, fedora hat fur pink ribbon tex change
skin: al vulo, pollon snuggle milk group gift (gg in store)
nails: Sn@tch, Nail Candy Blood
bag: Glow stuio, Pastel Dream clutch bag (TDR)
poses: aacck…fail!

Look two
skin: AMD, Ziyi Peachy Earthy 4 (NEW; ty Apple May!)
nails: Sn@tch, Nail candy Onyx
shape: [annaA], Body shape Darling (got this at GSP, which may still be selling it)
lashes: Lauria, came with Clara shape
hair: Rubisoho, Nettie Majestic LB (LB)
blouse: BP*, Grape sailor shirts/randomuseum2011 (special RandoMuseum item; instructions already blogged)
collar: (r)M, Studded Collar (group gift)
shorts: Niniko, Renewal g.g(shirts&pants) (gg in store)
shoes: Duh, White Canvas slip-ons (erm, a hunt gift? free, at any rate)
piercing: iPoke, Seppy
poses: Still Life, bumble pack


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