She’s no lady in red

If this scene doesn’t make your heart beat faster, it’s probably because you don’t have Raiders of the Lost Ark running in your mental screening room. Now that you’re thinking about Indy and Marian, consider this: if it’s the 1930s, and this is Egypt, this woman can’t possibly be the wealthy British tourist she pretends to be.

She’s no British lady. She’s an American dame. She’ll steal your microfilm, your pharaonic gold, and your heart—and make you glad she did—in the gorgeous Veronika gown by L’Abel. (Her best-kept secret? She got this gown on sale.)

Credits to creators
gown: L’Abel, Veronika Red Gown (sale for 99L)
hair: Dura, 17 Black (NEW)
corsage: LaGyo, Leilani corsage (colour change; NEW gg)
jewellery: Exodi, from the Nyla set (awesome gift for the Sun and Sand Hunt)
ciggy: Quellazaire, Cigarette Holders
skin: Glam Affair, Sakura BL TDR 27
poses: Apple Spice Store, from the Gowns pack (ty Apple Spice!)
location: The Nile

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