Don’t call me Elsie

Some trends just never give milk. If you’re hoarding Holstein prints in anticipation of a boom in bovine beauty, you’re destined to wait a long time for those cows to come home. Make no mistake: calf is not the new faun. When I shot Loica wearing Auma’s gorilicious Cowpat outfit, I decided that there was nothing fashion-forward about the look and deleted the pics outright. One image survived because I liked the sheep. This is not to say that the outfit isn’t beautifully marbled and delicious. I especially like the accessories that turn this costume into the uniform of an independent contractor: the shoulder-slung basket, which you can’t see here, advertises “bosk milk.” (In Gor, a bosk is like a cow.)

The Holstein trend has been such a non-starter that my photos of Portia in Sassy Kitty’s cow-print corsairs with coordinating halter tops have been languishing in my to-blog box. This despite the fact that the outfits were free—a gift in the Summer Breeze hunt—and awfully cute. And despite the fact that fashion plates like Abra Zelin have given the nod to Connors’ impeccably romantic Holstein blouse.

Once I decided to commit to cow, I looked through my photos of Portia in Sassy Kitty’s togs and discovered that one of my initial discards actually offered the best possible shot of a girl gone over the moon for cow-prints. Why I associate steers with rears, I’ll never know. But for now, this is my last word on the trend that just keeps chewing its cud.

Credits to creators
Loica wears
outfit: Auma, Cowpat (thong undies not shown)
shorts: Poised, Belt Shorts Charcoal
hair: boon, QQL838 brown
skin: al vulo, Matilde bitter choco (old gg)
neck tat: DBS, Be My Flower Tat (LB, but I can’t find the store any more)
cuffs: Shade Throne, Heroin Bracelet (old gg)
hardware: Plastic Flowers, ZP Lip Piercings (old hunt gift)
pose: Oomph Poses, I’m Not Your Kitten pack

Portia wears
outfits: Sassy Kitty Designs, Cute Cow Outfits (Summer Breeze Hunt gift)
skin: Mother Goose’s, Trudy III 4b
face tat: (Ag), Sunscreen freebie (gift at Kozmetika)
tat: ALB, part of Jade Dress outfit
hair: Magika, Porcelain B&W pack
pose one: Olive Juice, Blooms 2 Daisies
pose two: Olive Juice, In Bloom 2 Purple and Blooms 2 Daisies

location: Elephant & Hierophant


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