Just a tease

It was a while ago when one of my Flickr contacts exhorted people to visit Jojo Runo’s temporary Peotik Peepshow installation and make their “brains boil.” (With creativity, I assume.) She posted her own example, a photo as elegant as it was erotic. I hustled over and took the worst photos anyone has ever taken in SL. Part of the problem was Portia’s outfit, which erred on the side of good-girl-going-bad instead of embracing slutorama. In the past week, I’ve spent my exile from the grid playing with GIMP, and I’ve realized that it takes hours of work to get a decent nudie pic out of a raw SL photo. So here’s my recommendation: get a giggle from my piccie and then look up Jojo Runo’s Peotik Peep Show, the return of the Peep Show, Jojo’s flickr, and the flickrs of Margot Muhindra and Prairie Kawashima. There you’ll see the amazing and genuinely erotic work that’s too hot, and too cool, for the fashion feeds.

Portia wears
fascinator: LaGyo, Splatter Roses fascinator red (ty G. Larnia!)
hair: Hami’s, Sylvia Beige (LB)
skin: Grixdale, Tegan Mint Draft Bl Cleavage
paint tattoos and brush nom: Baffle!, part of The Artist set
pose: Apple Spice, from the Pinups pack (ty pose mistress Apple Spice!)

this photo was GIMPed to within an inch of its life


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