Summer storm

It was in the 1970s that cheap paperback copies of works by the Brontë sisters started to feature photorealistic covers. I still have my copy of Wuthering Heights illustrated by Robert McGinnis. Despite being rather mediocre in execution, this image of Cathy in a hayfield is one of my treasures because I love the concept of the brooding girl standing solitary in a storm-threatened landscape. Speaking of, please make my pic bigger. I worked hard to get it right. I have the worst luck when it comes to capturing lightning in a photo, so let’s celebrate this (admittedly nearly invisible) strike.

I feel raw. I haven’t slept properly since I moved to the city in real life. Getting here is just the first step on the road to regaining my wellness, and I am not convinced that all the wellness centers around the corner from me are the answer. (kettleballs WTF?) I am also completely discombobulated by a week off-grid. Don’t expect much out of my outfits. It’ll be a miracle if my socks match. In either life. Ah phooey, socks season is over.

Credits to creators
dress: Mees, Eve Dress (my fave buy at Twinkle Night Bazaar)
guitar: u.f.o, acoustic collabo -Bird (30L gacha well worth obsessing over at Community Thrift and Trade) [I have an extra one to give away if you like this pretty bird pattern]
hair: kik, Fine III dirty blonde (Hair Fair)
earrings: LaGyo, Carmen Earrings
skin: JesyLilo, GSP TanSkin (Shiny) (NEW at GSP round 2; ty Lilo Glom!)
poses: PDA from the Germ Free Adolescents pack and Glitterati from the Headshot 3 pack


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