Party girl

You wake up naked—and perfectly proportioned—in a pile of smashed amphoras. You must be hungover at your newly rented Tuscan villa. Pulling on your meeroos mini-tank, your star-spangled shorts, and the gorgeous housecoat Carey Grant wore at the party (or was it in a movie?), you gather up a dozen inexpensive gacha guitars, all of which have been soaked in olive oil and stuffed with blue cheese. Who could resist giving up her useless SL purse in favour of one of the lovely guitars by u.f.o? They are only 30 or 35L a play, depending on whether you want the handheld or back-slung versions.

Strong light makes you say Augh, only in Italian. But SL shadows make me say Augh in any language. We compromise, with the help of Olive Juice’s indispensable pack of Long Hair Poses. At Hair Fair, I chose Lamb’s new Lace hair in the Mad pack because I had to have the washed-out green ends featured in the vendor ad. The other multi-colour versions are extremely cool, and the shades change in fascinating ways depending on the light. I am picky about crazy hair, but this pack impressed me. Note, however, that the top of the hair is quite jagged, on my screen at least. I GIMP-tamed the jaggies in the pics shown here.

Later that day, you attend a neighbour’s wild party and start to wonder if the locals drink too much. At least you look chic in Fleshtone’s hot new dress and SLink’s Achillia gladiator sandals, which can be worn with or without the leg braces. The gems and metal are colour-change, so these shoes are a barrel of alcohol-free fun.

You want to go home, but you get disoriented in sylvan landscapes. Quick rule of thumb for Tuscany: the villa is always in the background, so wherever you are, you can just turn around to find your home. If you want to look cute on your way there, I recommend Mother Goose’s Tanabata shape and skin, available at the Twinkle Night Bazaar. The unusual skins offer different eyebrow options, which range from absent to partial to full.

Credits to creators
hair: Lamb, Lace Mad Pack
shoes: SLink, Achillia gladiators white
shape and skin: Mother Goose’s, Tanabata (at Twinkle Night Bazaar)
poses: Olive Juice, Long Hair pack
Look one
gown: C’est la vie, Floral Gown jet
shorts: u.f.o, orihimie like punky style (at Twinkle Night Bazaar)
guitar: u.f.o, acoustic collabo red flower (at Community Thrift and Trade)
tank: Candie Girl, Love Meeroos White Mini Tank (free on Marketplace)
necklace: miel, chum necklace
bracelet: miel, chum bracelet (NEW subo gift)
Look two
dress: Fleshtone, DejaVu dress (NEW and available in red, blue, or black versions as well as yellow; ty StevenZuuh and Gisele!)


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