You want me to do what?!

Blogging SL fashion is hard because the intense creativity, mad skills, and pure beauty of SL bloggers set the bar extremely high. As stimulating as this is, I frequently feel as though my photos will never measure up and that I should quit while I’m ahead. On the other hand, I feel hella proud when I can get Portia to balance a twelve-scoop ice cream cone while standing on one high-heeled foot and surround her with shadows.

I’ve also been frustrated lately because I can’t get my avs to cut loose and look all hot and sexy. This photo is a case in point. I brought out Power Portia, my av’s plus-size version, draped her in nothing but the scarf from Aoharu’s blouse and scarf set, and got a photo that wavers between cheesecake and catalogue. It’s a “tasteful” sexiness and it’s got to go. This sexy fail is a consequence of my own repressions, and these must be overcome before it’s too late. /me can’t remember where she packed her one pair of slutty heels. /me is too lazy to look. I think it’s already too late.

I too fell hard for Shoop. It reminds me of my 70s childhood, but in a good way. In the “Yay we get to watch Donny and Marie tonight!” way. Not in the “Could there be more orange and brown in this world?!” way.

Credits to creators
short shorts: League, Crochet Shorts Sunny Dark
shirt and scarf: Aoharu, cotton shirt with scarf vest floralyellow
shoes: kristica, cyprus white (love the cork sole! I’m a platform snob, and these pass my 16 tests of platform worthiness)
bag: CandyDoll, Summer Beach Bag
bracelet: miel, chum bracelet (subo gift)
closeup: LG Concept, Ikat Wrap (TDR)
hair: LeLutka, Shoop Nutcracker
skin: Mother Goose’s, JeanneA 1a
poses: Lauria, from the Stay Cool pack; and Still Life from the Sunday pack


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