In nomine beauty

You gotta love SL. It’s the only place in my life where I really need to be careful about speaking ill of the dead. When I contacted Munchflower Zaius about blogging Nomine’s pretty new Magpie skin, she asked me which tones I wanted to try. I said that I was into pale—not dead pale, just avoiding the sun pale. And then I realized that if Ms. Gaius was a vampire or a ghost she might take that amiss. So I elaborated: “Not that there’s anything wrong with being dead.” She LOLed. Crisis averted. Readers offended by my sun bigotry can take my av to a beach and tie her down to fry in the sun, but she’d probably enjoy that.

Each Magpie eye makeup comes in a variety of intensities, ranging from pale to dark. Magpie takes full advantage of viewer 2’s tattoo layers options, giving you eyebrows in multiple colours, as well as a variety of lip enhancements with and without teeth. There’s also a tat giving you less cleavage, which you can see on the right in this picture.

Magpie offers a relatively normal beauty to gothic gals who are tired of looking like Siouxsie Sioux’s doppelganger’s doppelganger. The Aeolian lipstick is the only out-and-out gothic lip tat: it comes in a nude version and in the pink one you see here. Is it me, or do those lips look like yummy licorice candy?

Credits to creators
Pic one and two makeup (NEW)
Nomine, Magpie Skin Blush Aqua light with Magpie Lipstick tattoo Liptint Nude, on the left, and with the less cleavage option (and no lipstick) on the right
Pic three makeup
Nomine, Magpie Skin Blush Amethyst dark with Nomine Lipstick tattoo Aeolian Pink (t)
(thank you Munchflower Zaius!)

Outfit one
collar: B@R, part of Black Bridal Harness
corset: Nomine, Calvary Corset silver
pants: Fleshtone, GlossedLeatherPants
boots: grasp, fur trim leather boots black women
gloves: Nomine, Gloves taped full length
pasties: [creator Treebee Withnail], star pasties (an old hunt gift I think)
Outfit two
corset: Nomine, from the Madchen outfit in red, special only for MM

hair: SLink, Angel Hair Ink from the Allsorts 2 pack (NEW at Hair Fair)
shape: V.Redrose, Affy shape

headshots and comparison: Glitterati, from the Headshots 3 pack
pic four: Manifeste, from the Model Poses series


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