Silky sexy

A week ago I decided I needed to overcome my own inhibitions by turning Portia, my main av, into a sexpot. I rejected a lot of potential looks that come across as slutty and sleazy rather than sexy. A bikini with towering heels came close to giving my girl a hot bod, but in the end I ran out to buy this outfit by Bare Rose. To my mind, nothing in SL is more seductive than June Dion’s kimonos in disarray. They not only reveal your av’s throat, shoulders, chest, and one veiled nipple, but also threaten to yield to the slightest touch.

The outfit does come with a modesty top for those of you who don’t want to flash nipple. If I were you, I’d toss that top right out. There is also a spider tattoo on an undershirt layer and a buckled collar with a large cross pendant that bespeaks gothic bondage. A highly decorated full wig rounds out the look. I had the brilliant idea to dress Portia instead in a silky, striped, half-bald look by Magika. Note to self: shooting a bald head with shadows enabled creates horrific distortions. Second note to self: you are the only one who thinks a half-bald woman could be sexy. Imma go backa the drawing board.

Credits to creators
kimono: B@R, I Only Said
shoes: House of Fox, Arch boots navy2tone (50L Fri item)
skin: Curio, GP Airhead (Truth District gg in notices)
earrings: LaGyo, Carmen earrings
hair: Magika, Sonia black and white pack
pose pic one: PDA, not available
pose pics two/three: RamaRowanberry, Curtsey
location: Asian Loft from Garden of Dreams

GIMPed these photos are. See more on the Pleisure flickr.

What do you think?

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